top level opportunity
DotBrand Solutions: redefining your digital landscape

a .brand is a single, intuitive and secure location at the pinnacle of the domain universe that will vastly improve online marketing, fraud prevention and intellectual property protection...

your opportunity to create a unified digital namespace and demonstrate your brand's pre-eminence has arrived. secure your .brand TLD for both defensive and offensive strategies.

the benefits are right on brand:


  • a single location uniting your websites and content, and allowing you to precisely mirror your brand architecture, whether it is a house of brands, branded house or house blend
  • the most intuitive internet address possible, making it easy for consumers and search engines to identify your official presence, improving recognition and traffic, and offering your customers a richer brand experience
  • every possible domain ending with your .brand TLD is available for your use - no more "checking if that domain is available"

Legal Protection:

  • a once-only opportunity to be guaranteed to secure your trademarks as .brands, before a similar or identical name is registered, blocking you forever from obtaining it.


  • create a secure online ecosystem totally free from concerns of infringement – free from knock-off sites, traffic diversion, cybersquatting, brand abuse, and the myriad of problems trademark owners endure in gTLD and ccTLD domains.
  • eliminate consumer confusion: "If it doesn't end .HSBC, it's not a genuine HSBC website."
  • be in control of your online presence: you can simply switch on and switch off domains used by agents, distributors, retailers and other associated entities

Value Creation:

  • acquire the most valuable real estate on the internet for your brand, forever, for the cost of an advertising campaign.

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