multi-lingually speaking
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As well as acquiring your .brand TLD in the common latin format, your brand will now be able to communicate on a multi-lingual scale using an Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) in a variety of scripts including Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic.

Capture the attention of the internet users of the future by letting your brand speak a world of languages.

Latin, Russian Cyrillic, Chinese, Thai, Hindi and Arabic IDN examples

Just imagine the immense benefits of tapping into such emerging digital markets as the Middle East, China and Africa, and think about the risks involved in missing out on your .brand IDN and subsequently losing a world of consumers to your competition.

DotBrand Solutions is a pioneer in IDN technology, having led the development of industry-standard procedures now used by registries all over the world.

We offer .brand TLDs in all scripts.

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