compulsory acquisition
DotBrand Solutions: a complex application process made simple

ICANN, the internet corporation for names and numbers, has just announced the applicants for .brand TLDs. this first round of .brands will launch by early 2013. we are now anticipating the announcement of the next round of applications...

seamless navigation of the ICANN application process is an integral part of our service. we will work with your legal advisors to execute the acquisition, launch and ongoing management of your .brand namespace. starting with a complimentary business assessment, we will guide you through the entire process, including all financial, operational and technical aspects.

to enable the successful acquisition of your .brand TLD, we will:

  • work with your people throughout the application process. we are equally comfortable taking a lead or a supporting role in writing your application and managing the review process
  • monitor the progress of your application and the ICANN timetable
  • advocate your interests through participation in ICANN policy making
  • prepare the roll-out of your .brand TLD, to ensure we are poised to execute your plans when ICANN approval is secured

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